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Some sad news… farewell Joy Fleming

A little bit of sad news this week – Germany’s 1975 entrant, Joy Fleming, passed away on 27 September 2017 at the age of 72. Her song, “Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein”, made it into my top 5 songs from Germany.

The morning after the semi-final (1) before…

After the excitement of the first semi-final, I’m munching on a bacon and egg ciabatta accompanied by a large latte, so I am easing myself into the morning after. Time for reflection on the results – and as you can tell from my featured image, it wasn’t a good night for “Blackbird”… Continue reading “The morning after the semi-final (1) before…”

Eurovision: You Decide – images and videos from live show (UK national final 2017)

Well me and my friends had a blast at the UK national final at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday 27 January. The event was broadcast live on BBC2, getting double the audience that the show got last year on BBC4. I thought it was a really good show, generally good performances and a great crowd. And we got to see both Alexander Rybak, Eurovision winner for Norway in 2009 (who opened the show) and the awesome Sophie Ellis-Bextor (a judge).

The winner was Welsh girl, Lucie Jones – a straw poll of our group after all 6 performed put her as our favourite, so we chimed with the overall result!  Continue reading “Eurovision: You Decide – images and videos from live show (UK national final 2017)”

National selections Eurovision 2017 United Kingdom: Eurovision:You Decide

Almost time for the UK to decide! (In fact, we’re one of the very first countries to hold our national final this year). The BBC have chosen to do a national selection show once again, with 6 acts competing. The show moves from BBC4 to BBC2 and the venue has changed to the larger Hammersmith Apollo. Unlike last year, I will be there in person this year! So expect some of my video footage of the event, which will include a performance from Eurovision winner in 2009, Alexander Rybak.  Continue reading “National selections Eurovision 2017 United Kingdom: Eurovision:You Decide”

January updates coming to my #Eurovision site

A very quick note to say I will be doing some update and posts very soon – just had a bit of a hiatus over Christmas and New Year. I would have posted some over Christmas but was struck down with a flu-ey thing so wasn’t up to doing anything much!

We’ve had the Armenian and Albanian national finals in the last few weeks, several countries kicking off their national selections this month, we’ve had a few internal selections announced recently and we have no less than four national finals this month, which might finally give us some of the actual songs for this year as well. Continue reading “January updates coming to my #Eurovision site”

National selections Eurovision 2017

I’m bringing together all the information and links relating to each country’s progress towards selecting their artist and song for Eurovision 2017 on this page. Countries are listed in alphabetical order and I’ll be updating this page on a regular basis! Continue reading “National selections Eurovision 2017”

Top 10 countries by Grand Final finishing position

200 days to the Grand Final of Eurovision 2017! Some bits of Eurovision news today: Slovakia confirms they won’t be participating next year (they haven’t taken part since 2012) and Moldova confirms that they are taking part, bringing the number of confirmed countries to 41. Moldova haven’t missed a Eurovision since their debut in 2005.

While Eurovision season has indeed begun, news will be quite intermittent until we hit the Christmas period when it will pick up a lot of pace. In the meantime, I’ll be posting up lots of Eurovision content. Today, we’re looking at the top 10 countries by average finishing position in the Grand Final. I haven’t included countries that have not competed in less than 5 finals, and I haven’t included semi-final performances, just how the countries have performed in the finals. This does include countries who no longer compete in Eurovision (or at least haven’t competed for some time). Some familiar or expected countries in this list, as well as some surprises!

Continue reading “Top 10 countries by Grand Final finishing position”

Eurovision 2016 semi-final 2 result

Another great show last night and a VERY sore head today. I couldn’t even begin to look at how many bottles of prosecco me and my friends sunk last night…

Anyway, back to the results, how did my predictions and hopes fare, and how did the large Surbiton-Brighton-Canary Wharf jury do? Continue reading “Eurovision 2016 semi-final 2 result”

Eurovision 2016 semi-final 1 result

Well it’s the morning after the night before – after so much build up and excitement, it was fantastic to get to the first live event!

As we’ve come to expect from Sweden, it was an extremely professional show and fantastically produced. Some of the camera movements, angles and cuts were like nothing we’ve seen at Eurovision before.

How did my predictions, hopes and the Chiswick-Brighton jury do?

Read on…! Continue reading “Eurovision 2016 semi-final 1 result”

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