Eurovision 2022 national selections: Malta preview – MESC final

After a few years of selecting via X Factor, Malta returned to their earlier national selection format, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. This involves a lot of acts in the final – 16 songs no less, so this preview is only going to be looking at a couple of the finalists – that may be among the favourites. As with some of my other previews for this Super Saturday, I’ve used the Eurovision scoreboard app as a guide to who the likely favourites are.

Favourite 1: Aidan “Ritmu”

This looks the song to beat – it’s a good male uptempo ethno banger, and is sung entirely in Maltese. If this were to win and go to Eurovision, it would be the first time an all Maltese language song had been performed at the contest since their debut in 1972. The omens seem good – it’s been given the penultimate position in the running order of the final, and Aidan had a big summertime hit in Malta last year so is well known with the public. He would also be Malta’s first solo male artist since 2013.

Favourite 2: Emma Muscat “Out of Sight”

In second place in the Eurovision scoreboard app for MESC is Emma Muscat, a Maltese singer and model based in Italy, who has previously released several singles as well as being a featured artist on a couple of others. The song seems OK – midtempo pop, though I’m not sure it will be as memorable as Aidan’s Ritmu.

The final of MESC 2022 begins at 8pm UK time and you can watch the show on the broadcaster’s website.

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