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My top 5 songs from…Norway

It’s been a while since I’ve done a top 5 of a Scandinavian country but I’m trying to fill the gaps of countries I’ve not done before Eurovision 2017 starts! Norway has an interesting reputation in the contest – famous for getting nul points, but they are also three-time winners.

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My top 5 songs from…Luxembourg

I’ve done the trio of Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the trio of German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the trio of Caucasus countries (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) so now time to complete my Benelux trio with Luxembourg – a country that was a founder member of Eurovision but withdrew after 1993 and is yet to return…
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My top 5 songs from…Russia

Time to turn to Eurovision’s biggest country in geographical size and population – and often the country which generates the strongest feelings and controversy. This is very rarely to do with the artists themselves that compete for Russia, so this isn’t going to be where I discuss the wrongs of Russia’s actions on LGBT rights or its foreign policies and actions. With 1 win, 4 runners up placings, and a further 6 top 10 placings, they are a Eurovision force to be reckoned with.

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My top 5 songs from…Ireland

As I write this post, it’s St Patrick’s Day, so today’s top 5 can’t be anything other than Eurovision’s most successful country. With 7 wins (4 of them in the 1990s), Ireland have a Eurovision pedigree stretching back to 1965 – plenty of material then for a top 5 countdown!  Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Ireland”

(Formerly of) Bucks Fizz at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!

It was a dream come true for my fellow Eurovision fans Clive and Ade who are Bucks Fizz super fans. They finally did a set at my second home, the wonderful Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I’m not sure that Bucks Fizz (or more accurately “Cheryl, Mike and Jay – formerly of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVay” as they are legally obliged to call themselves) quite expected the atmosphere and reaction they got at a jam packed RVT.  Continue reading “(Formerly of) Bucks Fizz at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!”

My top 5 songs from…Lithuania

The Baltic set is completed by the largest of the three, Lithuania, though, sad to say to my friend Aiva, among that three, they have the least success in the contest (to date anyway!). Their 2017 national selection has, at the time of writing, taken place a few days ago. I was a little late in putting this top 5 together in time for it (largely due to a party weekend in Brighton! Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Lithuania”

My top 5 songs from…Romania

Romania have been in Eurovision since 1994, but sporadic participation meant they didn’t become Eurovision regulars until 2002, when they appeared continuously in the final every year thereafter, always qualifying from their semi-final.
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My top 5 songs from…Estonia

It’s a trip to the Baltic again for this top 5, and the second of the three Baltic countries to get my Top 5 treatment. Estonia have had the most success at Eurovision of those three countries, becoming the first ex-Soviet country to win Eurovision (in 2001) and were only the second Eastern European country to have won at that time (after Yugoslavia in 1989).
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My top 5 songs from…Latvia

The first of the Baltic nations to get my Top 5 treatment is former contest winner Latvia. They were latecomers to Eurovision compared to their neighbours, Estonia and Lithuania, with their first contest only coming in 2000. They wasted no time in making a mark, coming 3rd on their debut, and winning the contest in 2002. So, some choices for a top 5 despite their relative newness.
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