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My top 5 songs from…Armenia

This is an updated top 5 of one the most easterly of Eurovision’s countries and still relative newcomers, having entered for the first time in 2006. They have done well, almost as well as their bitter rivals Azerbaijan, so although I only had 12 songs to choose from to make this (updated top 5), there are plenty of high placing results among that dozen.
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My top 5 songs from…Albania

The advantage of being first in the (Eurovision) alphabet is that Albania was both my first top 5 written, and it is also the first of my top 5s to get an update. A beautiful but relatively unknown (as yet) to tourists, their Eurovision history is perhaps a little less beautiful, though they are still one of the newer countries to the contest (having only entered in 2004).
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Autumn 2018 – upcoming updates to Matt loves Eurovision

Summer hasn’t quite gone away for us here in London just yet, with some very pleasant weather at the moment, but my mind is turning to bringing the site of its summer hibernation. The new Eurovision year/season began on 1 September and with Tel Aviv being confirmed as host city, the path to Eurovision 2019 is well and truly begun.  Continue reading “Autumn 2018 – upcoming updates to Matt loves Eurovision”

A trip to EuroStarz in Concert 2018

It was a last minute decision to attend this concert, but I am very glad I did. A small set of past Eurovision performers, including a former winner, graced the stage of a compact, intimate venue near Kings Cross (The Water Rats pub) and took the opportunity to each give us a set of songs, including, of course, the songs they sang at Eurovision. My friends and I took a few pics and vids of course which you can see here… Continue reading “A trip to EuroStarz in Concert 2018”

Eurovision Song Contest 1975 rewatch


My lovely friend Zoltan decided that for his birthday it would be a fun idea to watch through the Eurovision Song Contest from the year of his birth, 1975. A group of us watched together in his flat while others friends from around the UK and other parts of Europe had watched separately and recorded their scores to be played once we’d watched them all. Would this 21st century jury score very differently from the 1975 one…?  Continue reading “Eurovision Song Contest 1975 rewatch”

I’m not your toy! Final thoughts on Eurovision 2018

As usual, I am struggling to write this through a Eurovision-induced hangover and the onset of PED (post Eurovision depression). I may still be in the host city of Lisbon, but that doesn’t temper the pounding head! I may have imbibed some of the legendary/notorious Mateus last night… Anyway, on to a few final garbled thoughts from last night’s eventful final!  Continue reading “I’m not your toy! Final thoughts on Eurovision 2018”

Eurovision doesn’t last forever… reflections on the jury final and preview of 2018 grand final

So I have now attended three Eurovision shows (the two live semis plus the jury grand final) and it’s been a great experience. In advance of the grand final this evening, here are my reflections on the jury final (the show the juries watch to allocate their votes) and a preview of the final for viewers at home, including thoughts on how the running order seemed to play out and may (or may not) influence countries’ chances.  Continue reading “Eurovision doesn’t last forever… reflections on the jury final and preview of 2018 grand final”

My lucky Eurovision day – reflections on 2018’s semi-final 2

Thinking back to last year, it was the failure of fan favourite Estonia to qualify that was the big shock of semi 2. No such (nasty) shocks this time from what was an eclectic semi-final. A couple of pleasant surprises, and also a bit of both expected and less expected disappointments. The biggest news in terms of qualifications was the loss of both Romania’s and Russia’s 100% qualification records.
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Eurovision 2018 semi-final 2: hopes and predictions

I am feeling a trifle jaded after partying in Eurocafe until 5.30am last night but am gearing up now for the second semi-final and another trip to the Altice Arena to attend the live televised show. This semi is considered as the less competitive one but I think it will be no less exciting than the first (and actually it is just as competitive – even if the songs are overall of a lower quality).
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