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Destination Lisbon!

So I’m back from outer space…. Sorry, just getting in the (camp) mood for Brighton Pride but just enough time to squeeze in a mini-update after the traditional Eurovision low season when I have a hiatus from posting on my site. But with Eurovision 2017 now three months in the past, and Wimbledon 2017 (my other great passion) now done and dusted, it’s time to turn thoughts back to updating the site and thinking of next year.

And next year is going to be especially exciting for me and my fellow Eurovision fanatic friends, we’ve booked to go to Lisbon during Eurovision week!  Continue reading “Destination Lisbon!”

That was the Eurovision that was: reflections on the 2017 contest

I write this through the inevitable hangover and onset of PED (post Eurovision depression) but I wanted to write a few thoughts down while still in my head and also provide the full results from the Vauxhall vote (the party I was at last night).

Continue reading “That was the Eurovision that was: reflections on the 2017 contest”

Eurovision 2017 grand final: preview and thoughts

It’s almost time! I am not going to dare trying to do too many precise predictions as inevitably I will get them hopelessly wrong. I will do a bit of a quick preview of the Big 5 + Ukraine as I haven’t  covered them yet post-rehearsals. I do think this year will end up being much harder to call than we originally thought – at least 3 or 4 songs are in strong contention to win… Continue reading “Eurovision 2017 grand final: preview and thoughts”

The mo(u)rning after the semi-final (2) before…

Ouch my head! Well, if you hadn’t guessed it from the image, I’m afraid one of our favourites didn’t get through last night. On the plus side, I did manage to get 9/10 in terms of correct predictions!  Continue reading “The mo(u)rning after the semi-final (2) before…”

Eurovision 2017 semi-final 2 – previews and predictions

After getting it almost right for my semi 1 prediction, here’s the preview for tonight’s semi-final. France, Germany and Ukraine will also be voting in this semi. I am loathe to make predictions for this one as aside from a couple of obvious qualifiers and non-qualifiers, this is an incredibly open semi.  Continue reading “Eurovision 2017 semi-final 2 – previews and predictions”

The morning after the semi-final (1) before…

After the excitement of the first semi-final, I’m munching on a bacon and egg ciabatta accompanied by a large latte, so I am easing myself into the morning after. Time for reflection on the results – and as you can tell from my featured image, it wasn’t a good night for “Blackbird”… Continue reading “The morning after the semi-final (1) before…”

Eurovision 2017 semi-final 1 – previews and predictions

So it is almost upon us! I’ve been following all the rehearsals carefully, and also the very important jury show last night (Monday 8 May) which is the run through of the semi-final that the juries watch and cast their votes. Here’s my brief thoughts on chances of qualification of tonight’s 18 entries… Continue reading “Eurovision 2017 semi-final 1 – previews and predictions”

(Formerly of) Bucks Fizz at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!

It was a dream come true for my fellow Eurovision fans Clive and Ade who are Bucks Fizz super fans. They finally did a set at my second home, the wonderful Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I’m not sure that Bucks Fizz (or more accurately “Cheryl, Mike and Jay – formerly of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVay” as they are legally obliged to call themselves) quite expected the atmosphere and reaction they got at a jam packed RVT.  Continue reading “(Formerly of) Bucks Fizz at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!”

Eurovision: You Decide – images and videos from live show (UK national final 2017)

Well me and my friends had a blast at the UK national final at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday 27 January. The event was broadcast live on BBC2, getting double the audience that the show got last year on BBC4. I thought it was a really good show, generally good performances and a great crowd. And we got to see both Alexander Rybak, Eurovision winner for Norway in 2009 (who opened the show) and the awesome Sophie Ellis-Bextor (a judge).

The winner was Welsh girl, Lucie Jones – a straw poll of our group after all 6 performed put her as our favourite, so we chimed with the overall result!  Continue reading “Eurovision: You Decide – images and videos from live show (UK national final 2017)”

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