Eurovision 2022 national selections: Germany preview – Germany, 12 Points

This is being written in an extreme rush coinciding with a busy week in my personal life. Germany have gone back to a national selection – with a somewhat ambitious/hopeful new name. I think, given the six choices on offer, it’s very much on the hopeful/hostage to fortune end of things as Germany has stepped back from the wacky/risky of last year and reverted to a fairly same-y, beige, risk free approach.

That isn’t to say the national final won’t be without some emotional moments – Jamala is scheduled to perform – having fled Ukraine from the invading Russian army, her performance of 1944 is bound to be a viscerally emotional moment.

The two favourites

There are two clear favourites within the fandom, and they probably represent Germany’s best chances on not finishing last or in the bottom 3 or 5.

Favourite 1: Felicia Lu “Anxiety”

The clear favourite on the Eurovision scoreboard app, and I would say the most stand out song among this six, I think Germany would be well advised to vote for this…

Favourite 2: Malik Harris “Rockstars”

This is a competent male ballad, if a little short on excitement. I do fear this might be what the German public go for but there are already some outstanding male ballads likely to be in the final – and would overshadow this.

The show will be broadcast from 8pm UK time on Friday 4 March. You can watch the show on the broadcaster’s website.

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