National selections Eurovision 2022: Slovenia preview – EMA final

The Slovenian national selection concludes with the EMA 2022 final on 19 February following two earlier semi-finals. It has twelve songs competing and voting will be a 50/50 split of jury and televote. I’ll admit, with so many national selections going on, you can’t follow all of them closely so I’ve not really seen much of the Slovenian songs.

Favourites to win

Looking at the Eurovision scoreboard app, there is a clear leader, and a fairly clear second favourite.

The favourite: Luma “All In”

This has a clear lead in the app, and also has been given a plum spot in the final running order – second from last – so this all points to a victory for Luma. It’s not a million miles away from the style of their 2019 entry. Given that was one of Slovenia’s better results in recent years, it’s not a bad format to follow.

Second favourite: July Jones “Girls Can Do Anything”

A clear second place in the scoreboard app, but quite a distance from the front runner is this fierce girl pop number. It’s far less generic than many other songs you see in the female solo pop banger category if rather repetitive at times but I do think Luma will have edge.

EMA 2022 will take place from 7.20pm UK time on Saturday 19 February. You can watch the show on broadcaster RTV Slovenija’s website.

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