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Eurovision 2018 previews countdown: #2 ISRAEL – Netta – “Toy”

Israel last won in 1998; they also won in 1978, and there is a good chance that Netta could maintain that twenty year cycle of victories. This stormed to the top of the betting odds when it was released and the music video went viral, with millions of views. But could Israel suffer the fate of Italy last year and France the year before that when the pre-contest favourite ended up coming 6th on the night?
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My top 5 songs from…Israel

One of my absolute favourite Eurovision nations, Israel has provided so many great songs over the years, I had to make this a top 10 rather than a top 5. In fact, I could have done a top 15 – as two of their three winners miss out on the top 10, that’s how strong in depth their Eurovision back catalogue is! Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Israel”

Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #7 ISRAEL – IMRI – “I Feel Alive”

Celebrating their 40th appearance in the contest, three-time winners Israel are sending the biggest party banger song of Eurovision 2017. The unbelievably hot Imri Ziv represents them this year, having been a backing singer for the last two Israeli entries. After some lean years, Israel has had a mini-revival with those last two songs, finishing 9th and 14th in the grand final. Can Imri bring Israel to the grand final again, and making it a hat-trick of final appearances for Israel and for himself?  Continue reading “Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #7 ISRAEL – IMRI – “I Feel Alive””

Top 5 results by countries’ first time appearance at Eurovision

With this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest having just taken place (Georgia winning for a record 3rd time), and Belgium and Macedonia announcing their 2017 artists in the last few days, it’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like Eurovision season! Time for another top 5 – best debut performances of new countries at Eurovision. I’ve taken it from 1970 as by then, the original core of Western European countries were established, and afterwards saw entrances from the East – first the Mediterranean and Middle East (Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel), and then the waves of Eastern European and ex Soviet countries from 1994 onwards.  Continue reading “Top 5 results by countries’ first time appearance at Eurovision”

Bonfire Night: a Eurovision top 5

I’ll be jetting off for warmer climes for a week, but I’m not forgetting my blog in the meantime and with the UK’s Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes’ Night) taking place this weekend, what better time for a fire-themed Eurovision top 5? As it turns out, very few Eurovision song titles have used the word “fire” in the title but I’ve dug into the archives and have 5 fire-themed songs for your enjoyment.  Continue reading “Bonfire Night: a Eurovision top 5”

Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #28 ISRAEL – Hovi Star – “Made of Stars”

At number 28 in the countdown is Israel. Three-times winners, they have struggled a little in the last 10 years, only making the final in four of those years. Last year was one of their most successful in a long time, when 16 year old Golden Boy Nadav Guedj took Israel to 9th place in the final. He was the first Israeli Eurovision entry to sing entirely in English, something that this year’s entrant, Hovi Star has also done. Can he repeat Nadav’s success?
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