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My top 5 songs from…Greece

Completing the Top 5 series is the Mediterranean country that regularly brings party bangers with an ethnic flavour to the contest. The 2000s and early 2010s proved to be glory days for Greece with mostly top 10 results and their first (and still only) win. Such are the numbers of party bangers from Greece that it merits a top 10!
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My top 5 songs from…Portugal

The host of Eurovision in 2018, it’s been a long, long journey for Portugal to finally reach this point. No country had been in Eurovision longer without a single win to their name; in fact, poor Portugal had never even reached the Top 5 in almost 50 years in the contest! That all changed in 2017 with a spectacular win with a very understated song. What else have I dug out from their long Eurovision history?
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My top 5 songs from…Serbia

At last, it’s the very last former Yugoslav country, the seat of Yugoslavia’s old capital, and the most successful of the ex-Yugoslav countries at Eurovision since they began to enter as separate countries. Serbia is actually one of the newest Eurovision countries, only entering as separate country in 2007 (they entered as Serbia and Montenegro in 2004 and 2005).
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My top 5 songs from…Montenegro

One of the lesser known Eurovision nations, Montenegro are still fairly new (in terms of competing as an independent country) and also have only appeared twice in grand finals. Nevertheless, they’ve entered some “unique” entries in that short time, and certainly mix it up and keep us guessing as to what they might bring us each year!  Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Montenegro”

My top 5 songs from…Israel

One of my absolute favourite Eurovision nations, Israel has provided so many great songs over the years, I had to make this a top 10 rather than a top 5. In fact, I could have done a top 15 – as two of their three winners miss out on the top 10, that’s how strong in depth their Eurovision back catalogue is! Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Israel”

My top 5 songs from…Macedonia

Perhaps I should say “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” to give the country its formal full title, though in the contest itself, Eurovision shortens it to FYR Macedonia. They’ve competed 17 times so far, but are yet to crack the top 10 in a grand final. Nonetheless, they’ve had a few good songs, and expect to see them in this top 5! Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Macedonia”

My top 5 songs from…France

We come to one of the great Eurovision nations now, and a member of the Big 5, France. This is also the last of my Top 5s (well top 10 in this case) for the Big 5 as I will be doing something different for my home country, the United Kingdom. With 60 appearances, 5 winners, and being a founder member of the contest, it’s been a challenge to whittle this list down.  Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…France”

My top 5 songs from…Moldova

Moldova is one of the more recent newcomers to Eurovision, but has definitely made an impact with some very stand out approaches to staging and costumes and exuberant performances by both singers and dancers. So, I’ve not found this top 5 too difficult to do!
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My top 5 songs from…Croatia

Still getting through the Balkan countries and ticking off another former Yugoslavian country – this time, it’s Croatia’s turn. The only ex-Yugoslav country to have hosted the contest while still part of Yugoslavia, it was a Croatian band, Riva, that achieved Yugoslavia’s sole win in 1989. Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Croatia”

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