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Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #10 SWITZERLAND – Timebelle – “Apollo”

Opening up the top 10 is a country we’re not accustomed to seeing in the upper positions of this chart. Eurovision’s first ever winners, Switzerland have suffered more than most in the current Eurovision era with only 2 grand final qualifications since 2006 – and even then, one of their final appearances resulted in finishing last. While neighbours Germany have finished last in the grand final in the last two years, Switzerland have finished last in their semi-final in that same time. Can Timebelle help Switzerland avoid a semi-final wooden spoon treble?
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My top 5 songs from…Switzerland

Switzerland is a founding member of Eurovision, and were the first winners of the contest back in 1956. With 57 entries to choose from, you’d have imagined that it would be tough to decide which made the top 5. Well, it’s been tough, but for different reasons! Continue reading “My top 5 songs from…Switzerland”

Eurovision 2016 previews countdown: #27 SWITZERLAND – Rykka – “The Last of Our Kind”

We come to Eurovision’s first ever winner today – Switzerland. One of Eurovision’s founding members, they haven’t had a good run recently with precious few qualifications to the finals in the last decade or so. They last won in 1988, when a certain Canadian chanteuse took them to victory over the UK by just 1 point in one of Eurovision’s most exciting and dramatic finishes. That Canadian was Celine Dion of course and it just so happens that their entry this year, Rykka, is also Canadian…
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