Eurovision 2023 top 37 countdown: #14 CYPRUS – Andrew Lambrou – Break a Broken Heart

Cyprus has been enjoying a decent streak of success at Eurovision of late – until last year, they had qualified for the final every year since 2015, and while missing out on the final last year, they would have qualified if it had been televote only. We have our first male Cypriot representative since 2017, so can Andrew Lambrou take Cyprus back to the grand final after last year’s disappointment?

Andrew was an internal selection for Cyprus, but he’s not a stranger to the Eurovision world – he was a contestant in Australia’s national selection in 2022, finishing fifth with the song “Electrify“. He is, in fact, Australian but with Greek-Cypriot ancestry. His entry there was an uptempo dance number, but his song for Eurovision is a mid-tempo pop ballad, and very much in the Eurovision/Melfest style. I say Melfest, as the songwriters to this are a mix of Swedes and Danes, and include two Swedish songwriters who are prolific writers of Melfest songs.

I appreciate that I should be eating a concrete mixer of humble pie after praising other countries going for homegrown writers and producers instead of the inevitable Swedish ones and here I am, putting Cyprus high up when it has an Australian singer, Scandinavian writers and producers and backed by a Greek record company… But, sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit that you enjoy a “generic” song regardless and this entry does it for me. I won’t deny the fact he does “smouldering” rather well does help as well!

Andrew has remained in Australia for the pre-party season, and the only performance live I have seen a clip of is from the OGAE Australia pre-party. I think he is able to hit those high notes you hear in the song, even without vocal effects added and given those are such a stand out part of the song, that will be important to get right. I think this has a fairly safe passage to the final – it’s a solid pop ballad, sung by a very attractive male singer, and semi final 2 is packed with countries that give Cyprus televote points – including Australia of course. It may not make a huge impact in the grand final, but it will at least be a return to form for Cyprus.

Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest

First entered: 1981

Appearances (excluding this year): 38

Best result: 2nd in 2018

Last year’s result: 12th in the semi-final (did not qualify)

Flag of Cyprus

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