Eurovision 2023 top 37 countdown: #20 ARMENIA – Brunette – Future Lover

The start of the top 20 also sees our final Caucasus country in the countdown. Armenia had a pretty good record at the contest but then came two non-qualifications in 2018-19 and a withdrawal in 2021. However, they made a successful return last year, with Rosa Linn’s “Snap” achieving 20th place in the final, and then going on to global success, with Snap going viral and one of the most streamed Eurovision songs of all time. Singer-songwriter Brunette takes up the baton for Armenia this year – can her song “Future Lover” challenge for a top 10 finish?

21-year-old Brunette, whose real name is Elen Yeremyan, was internally selected and is both the sole composer and writer of her entry. She’s released singles as both a solo artist and as part of a girl group. Her song is one of those that feels like a mix of more than one song – a pop ballad start and finish sandwiching a more R&B spoken word middle. The end crescendo of the song is sung in Armenian with the rest in English.

This is a good entry from Armenia. I was at first a bit sceptical or unsure of that middle part (I do think the spoken word style can be quite hit and miss) but actually on a few listens it does all come together. She’s got good live vocals, and her live performance makes the song more impactful. I also like the inclusion of Armenian at the impressive end of the song. Overall, compared to say, Georgia, there’s more of a progression and coherence to this.

This has to class as one of this year’s dark horses. I don’t think it’s quite in the frame to win, but there is definite potential for a good finish. Brunette’s been given the “cursed” second place in the running order in semi final 2, but I think that’s a deliberate ploy be the producers to increase the qualification rate of that position! More likely that it will negatively effect Denmark and Romania, weaker entries by far, that are either side of this. I’m expecting some great staging from Armenia, and coupled with a strong live vocal, this should see Armenia’s best result since “LoveWave” in 2016.

Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

First entered: 2006

Appearances (excluding this year): 14

Best result: 4th in 2008 and 2014

Last year’s result: 20th

Flag of Armenia

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