Eurovision 2023 top 37 countdown: #25 GERMANY – Lord of the Lost – Blood and Glitter

“Germany, I’m sorry” has been of a bit of a refrain of late – no points in the televote in 2019 and 2021 (and finishing second from last) and then last year, no points from the jury and last place… I think it’s safe to say that Germany is not bringing something middle of the road and forgettable this year. The home of Rammstein is at last giving us some metal and rock in the shape of Lord of the Lost.

The band are perhaps best described as “gothic or industrial metal” or “genrefluid” as the Eurovision website states. Their song title “Blood and Glitter” does sound like an eventful Eurovision club night, but is in fact their national final winning entry which I think could be best described as glam metal (or as my husband called it, “gay metal”). The performance is certainly very glam rock and flamboyant. The band have been around since 2007 (well the lead singer, Chris Harm created it then, though other band members have come and gone over the years). There is no doubting their metal pedigree – they have recently supported Iron Maiden on tour and will be doing so again straight after the contest.

Now followers of this site will know that I am not a metal or hard rock fan, though I’ve liked some of the more glam rock songs over the years. So I would consider this quite a high placing from me all things considered – the song has some real Eurovision catchiness too it, and of course the costumes and performance are suitably flamboyant. There are parts that I’m still less keen on the – that real roar/shouty part that you get in metal – I’m never going to be a fan of that, but overall this is very entertaining.

I also have to say I like the fact that they are committed to Eurovision and not sneery or dismissive of the contest. Chris Harms did a couple of videos where he reacted to all this year’s entries, giving thoughtful and honest comments, but polite and supportive. It was a really insightful I thought. I also have to thank the band for saving us and saving Germany from possibly one of the worst entries that could have taken to the Eurovision stage…

Germany probably aren’t going to be the top big 5 country this year, but there is no way they are getting no points from the televote. I don’t how well it will do, but I think there is a good chance Germany will not even be bottom 5 this year. I am sure they are planning quite a spectacle on stage that I am sure will be appreciated. Finally, while metal is not my bag, it’s great that Germany is sending something that feels like a proper representative of an important element of the German music scene.

Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest

First entered: 1956

Appearances (excluding this year): 65

Best result: Winner 1982, 2010

Last year’s result: 25th (and last)

Flag of Germany

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