Eurovision 2022 top 40 countdown #33: FINLAND – The Rasmus – Jezebel

Finland end up in the same spot in my rankings for 2022 as they did in my 2021 countdown (albeit last year had one fewer song). They have stuck with rock (not surprising from Finland, and especially after their success last year) with their national final winning act being known to many outside the fandom, particularly to my generation – it’s The Rasmus, who had a worldwide hit in 2003-04 with “In the Shadows“. Almost twenty years on, does Eurovision success beckon?

The Rasmus were the hot favourites to win the Finnish national final, which they duly did with their entry “Jezebel”. It’s very much in their usual music genre, and given rock is so popular in Finland (with many rock based Eurovision entries in recent years), it’s not surprising that this ended up winning. They comfortably won the jury vote and topped the public vote, getting over a quarter of all the votes.

The Rasmus are an experienced live band, and I’m sure they will be putting in a competent live performance on the Turin stage with what is a pretty catchy radio friendly rock song. It lacks the anger of Blind Channel’s “Dark Side” but I think their style of rock (plus some nostalgia too) seems to be finding favour with sections of the fandom I hadn’t expected – particular those around my age who doubtless remember “In the Shadows”

For me, I find this OK but it doesn’t light my fire as such – people will recall I rarely place rock songs that high (some exceptions) and while this does definitely feel nostalgic, it’s doesn’t hit the heights of that big worldwide hit, and we’re left with a decent early noughties rock song. A lot of my peers seem to have this highly placed though so I’m more in the minority for being a bit unenthusiastic!

Both genre and name recognition (and live performance experience) will give The Rasmus a big boost in qualification chances. There isn’t much in the way of other rock songs like this either despite Italy’s win last year, and rock proves popular when it goes to the contest. The live vocals have not been perfect it has to be said but that is less important for the the public vote which I think is what would see this through to the final.

Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest

First entered: 1961

Appearances (excluding this year): 54

Best result: Winner 2006

2021’s result: 6th

Flag of Finland

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