Eurovision 2022 top 40 countdown #36: DENMARK – Reddi – The Show

For Denmark’s 50th appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest, they’ve provided us with something we don’t often see in the competition, an all female rock group. Reddi are a four piece band and are a Danish-Swedish mix, with two members from Denmark and two from Sweden. The lead singer is Danish, and kicks the song off as what seems like a ballad but the higher tempo rock kicks in after a minute or so. Without wishing to be unkind, that genre/tempo change is the thing I most remember about this song.

Last year we had the first Danish entry in a very long time that was sung in Danish, and has proved to be a real fan favourite (and only narrowly missed out on qualifying). We’re back to more standard Danish fare this year with an inoffensive midtempo entry. The girls seem a nice bunch, and are competent live performers (I saw them at the London Eurovision Party, LEP). The ballad-style slow tempo beginning followed by the kick into the faster rock does give it a bit of extra intrigue over just a straight three minute rock song.

From my own perspective, I don’t dislike this, but I just don’t get engaged with it. Rock isn’t usually my thing as it is, and there isn’t much in this that I can point to as being particularly memorable. It’s that lack of impact that I think may lead to another Danish non-qualification this year. I think the slow ballad part perhaps goes on too long and may lose the interest of those who would have been fans, whereas the rock part may put off the ballad lovers who liked the earlier part. Even at LEP it got a bit lost and forgotten so I fear the same may be true of the contest proper.

Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest

First entered: 1957

Appearances (excluding this year): 49

Best result: Winner 1963, 2000, 2013

Last year’s result: 11th in semi-final (did not qualify)

Flag of Denmark

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