Eurovision 2021 top 39 countdown #26: SPAIN – Blas Cantó – Voy a quedarme

We reach the third of the Big 5 countries in my top 39 countdown, and its our first returning big artist. After several years of holding a national final, Blas Cantó was internally selected in 2020 with an internally chosen song, “Universo“. He was selected again for 2021, but unlike last year, in 2021 there was a national final where the public did get to choose between two songs. The winning song was “Voy a quedarme” a slower pop ballad compared to the more uptempo song last year.

Blas is only 29 but has had a long career, stretching back to when he was just 8 and entering a children’s talent TV show. A few years later he took part in the Spanish national selection for Junior Eurovision, though wasn’t successful. The next stage of his career saw him in a boy band called Auryn for 8 or so years, during which time they attempted to enter Eurovision in 2011 but came third. By 2016, the band had a hiatus and Blas won a TV celebrity singing show, kick starting his solo career, and now he’s off to Eurovision.

The song itself is, in my view, quite pleasant, though perhaps less catchy, and is definitely slower than, his entry last year. It’s got a sweet feeling about it though, and does allow Blas to hit some high notes in it. The staging they tried in the Spanish final was very pretty and I think could translate well to the Eurovision stage.

No worries for Spain for qualifying of course, but I must be honest and say that this could be a candidate for finishing last in the grand final. Not because it is a bad song, but it’s just not a bold song and Big 5 countries suffer when they send nice or inoffensive songs that people like but don’t inspire a public vote. Juries might give this more, but I think this could well be a low finish for Spain.

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Flag of Spain

First entered: 1961

Appearances (excluding 2020 and this year): 59

Best result: Winner 1968, 1969

2019’s result: 22nd

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