Eurovision 2021 top 39 countdown #27: ESTONIA – Uku Suviste– The Lucky One

It’s the first Baltic country in the countdown, but it’s not to say #27 is a low placing – just there are a lot of great songs in the contest. Uku Suviste could well be described as “The Lucky One”, once again winning the Estonian national final, Eesti Laul after he also won last year. In 2020, he swept the televote with his song “What Love Is” but was only given a guaranteed place in the semi-finals of Eesti Laul this year rather than automatically reselected. He duly got through to the final and won that, again with a huge televote share in the superfinal (albeit less than last year). He’s clearly popular in Estonia!

I think this is a better song than “What Love Is”, it’s more uptempo, more modern and generally more powerful sounding. It’s got quite a classic Eurovision sound and structure, verses driving to a big catchy chorus, big vocal moments, etc. but while it’s not groundbreaking, it’s enjoyable. Two members of the “dream team” have been involved with this: Sharon Vaughn co-wrote the song with Uku, while Dimitris Kontopolous was the producer. They have been involved in quite a number of Eurovision entries, including more than one this year.

Uku is one of the more mature artists at Eurovision this year, though still a few years younger than me. The winner of “Estonia’s Sexiest Man” in 2010 does seem to be ageing well though… As for qualifying though, I have to be honest and say that this may only have a slim chance of qualifying. It’s in the dreaded spot number 2 in the running order of the semi-final and sandwiched between two very distinctive songs. There’s a chance that his popularity with the Estonian public might translate to the wider European public but I do think that if he does manage to qualify he really will be “the lucky one”.

Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Flag of Estonia

First entered: 1994

Appearances (excluding 2020 and this year): 25

Best result: Winner 2001

2019’s result: 20th

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