Eurovision 2021 top 39 countdown #35: SLOVENIA – Ana Soklič– Amen

Another returnee from 2020, Ana Soklič was internally selected for 2021, having won the Slovenian national final in 2020 with her big ballad “Voda“. In the run up to the release of her 2021 song, Ana had indicated, it would “not be ballad”, but…. she lied! She’s come back with another big vocal ballad though this year, she’s singing in English. It also wins the battle of the two “Amen” songs this year….

This is in some ways a classic big Eurovision ballad – the usual structure, big choruses, though it’s really in the last part of the song that the song really explodes with Ana letting rip. There’s no doubting that she’s got an impressive voice – it’s quite deep, smooth, and has that explosive power. But as I have said before, a great vocal does not necessarily a great song make, and I think this struggles to rise above being a fairly middle of the road ballad, and being in English rather than Slovenian, loses out on that element of distinctiveness. (I’m also not that keen on the

Slovenia have been given second place in the running order in their semi-final, and it’s generally been assumed that this will struggle to qualify. Some have questioned that and suggested that this could pull off a surprise qualification. While I am very doubtful that will be possible, it’s not inconceivable a big jury vote might push it in to the final.

Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Flag of Slovenia

First entered: 1993

Appearances (excluding this year): 25

Best result: 7th in 1995 and 2001

2019’s result: 15th

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