Eurovision 2021 previews top 39 countdown: an introduction

It’s that moment in the Eurovision season where I begin my daily previews countdown for Eurovision. With 39 countries taking part in Eurovision 2021, I will be starting with number 39 on Friday 9 April, and concluding with my number 1 by the start of Eurovision week.

As I have done since 2018, I’m doing these in the order of my own personal rankings. It’s very much a personal choice – what I enjoy, what I like to repeatedly listen to on Spotify (or what I skip through) rather than any kind of technical judgement. I have huge respect to all the artists taking part but it’s just a way of ordering my preferences and you are welcome to disagree with my ranking! This is also not in any way a prediction given we don’t yet know what staging will be and what will capture the imagination at the contest.

Like in 2019, I’ll be doing both a daily post here on this site and also a video on my YouTube channel. I’ll be setting up a 2021 previews playlist as well on my channel but do please subscribe so you will get a notification each time a new video is posted.

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