Eurovision 2021 national selections: Denmark preview

Denmark’s long-running national final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP), has not been without scandal and gossip this year. Having already not allowed last year’s winners , Ben & Tan, to automatically represent Denmark in 2021, it has transpired they weren’t even given a pass to being a finalist in this year’s national selection, with the Danish broadcaster making some spurious reasoning of it not being fair to the other contestants. What has made it even worse is that the song they submitted has largely been recognised as being stronger than the actual finalists…

So much for the scandal and outrage, though it has at least brought some life to what does seem to be a very beige selection of songs – at least based on what we have heard. It seems such a shame, given the strength of “Yes” (and made it into my top 10 last year). We may yet be surprised though when the final comes along on Saturday 6 March and we see the songs performed live on stage.

My favourite (and the fan favourite: The Cosmic Twins “Silver Bullet”

Retro sounding or inspired songs have been a feature of 2021’s national finals, though thus far with not a huge amount of success so far. It may be that The Cosmic Twins Eurodance-feeling song may have the best chance to get to the contest. Though it is far from the strongest of those retro songs, it’s my favourite song in the Danish final (prior to the final).

The betting favourite: Fyr & Flamme “Øve os på hinanden”

Speaking of retro, this Danish-language song is a whole smorgasbord of retro sounds and influences ranging across more than just one musical period, and you can pick up hints of inspirations from bands of the time (there are definitely some Abba and A-Ha sounds in there). It’s the strong favourite to win, though I am yet to be won over, as it feels more like a Frankenstein’s construct. What would definitely be VERY refreshing is if it brings Danish back to Eurovision – 1997 was the last time Denmark sang in their native language. It’s currently the big favourite in the betting, though languishing as the least favourite of the 8 in the Eurovision scoreboard app.

DMGP begins at 7pm UK time on 6 March and can be viewed via the broadcaster’s website.

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