Eurovision 2020 is cancelled: what next?

The news that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest is cancelled is no longer new (and nor was it unexpected when the news came), but it’s taken me a little while to write this blog post – I’ve been gathering my thoughts on where to go next with my website and YouTube channel plus I was very busy with work in the past few weeks.

I did find time to record some of my thoughts at the time though which you can see here:

With a bit of time to think about what I want to look at in the gaping hole in my content schedule/plans, and keeping an eye on what was being organised by the EBU and other broadcasters and news for next year, I’ve decided I will still do a Top 41 countdown of this year’s songs (albeit no longer a preview). Friends I have talked to said I should do so anyway, not least because the songs will not be eligible for the contest this year so this is a chance to at least feature them. We will at least see some (indeed many) of the artists next year though,

I’ll talk a bit more about those plans for my countdown in another post, but in the meantime, I am enjoying the various live performances the artists are doing via YouTube and social media; the Eurovision Home Concerts (organised by the EBU/Eurovision) and of course the watch-and-tweet-along #EurovisionAgain programmes each Saturday which the EBU are now actively supporting.

So while the physical Eurovision event may be cancelled, the spirit of togetherness that Eurovision embodies is alive and well, and there is plenty of Eurovision fun happening over the coming weeks to help us through these lockdown times.

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