My top 5 songs from…Austria

Austria have a long history in the contest, with over 50 appearances and counting and while they have had a famous recent win, they have been something of underachievers with just two wins, and one third and one fourth place. They have done better in qualification recently, though with a non-qualification (and low placing) in 2019, has the bubble burst? My top 5 remains unchanged since my 2018 update…

5. Trackschittaz “Woki mit deim Popo” (2012, last place in semi-final, 8 points)

So this is very much a guilty pleasure – still! Yes, it came rock bottom of its semi-final, but there’s just something about this that I enjoy. Not one to be taken seriously true, but it’s fun!

4. Zoë “Loin d’ici” (2016, 13th place, 151 points)

A firm Eurofan favourite for Eurovision 2016 (she got very emotional with the reception she got at the London Eurovision Preview Party), the fan love carried her all the way through to a decent placing in the grand final. To date, this is the only Austrian entry to be sung wholly in French.

3. Udo Jürgens “Merci, Chérie” (1966, winner, 31 points)

So we go to the only other Austrian entry with a French title, though this was sung in German of course. It’s Austria’s first winner, Udo Jürgens. Sadly, Udo passed away in December 2014, just a few months before Austria hosted Eurovision once again after their win earlier on that year. He was third time lucky at Eurovision, having come in 6th place and 4th place in the two previous contests. A classy and smooth winner.

2. Cesár Sampson “Nobody But You” (2018, 3rd place, 342 points) 

My runner up is the gorgeous Cesár Sampson. His uplifting gospel-influenced “Nobody But You” was my favourite pre-contest song and I was delighted that the humble former social worker Cesár surprised everyone (including himself) by not only making the grand final, but winning the jury vote. Well deserved I say and his third place finish was Austria’s best result outside of their two victories.

1. Conchita Wurst “Rise Like a Phoenix” (2014, winner, 290 points)

What else could it be for my top song from Austria? Conchita’s win was one of those great defining moments of the contest, and its impact felt far beyond Eurovision. I’ll always remember seeing Conchita at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern a few weeks before the contest – at that point we were just hoping she would qualify for the final, but voters all across Europe (including in countries who don’t have a reputation for LGBT tolerance) voted for her and history was made.

So perhaps the obvious choice for my favourite Austrian entry, but are there other songs that you would have put in your top 5. Let me know in the comments below!

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