Eurovision 2019 semi-final 2: predictions and hopes

So after the shocks, surprises and disappointments of semi-final 1, we’ve got the second semi-final coming up and once again, my friend and fellow Eurovision fan Clive and I have recorded a video with our predicted qualifiers. We think this might be a less surprising evening, but after Tuesday night, who knows!

Despite having more (we think) certainty over who will qualify, we still managed to talk more in this one than the first one!

To summarise, we see the following qualifying:

Armenia, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Malta, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan

And the following not qualifying:

Ireland, Moldova, Latvia, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Albania

The one that pains me the most is Albania – I would gladly swap that with Armenia (or even Russia!) but I thought an Armenia/Albania toss up was most likely. Another toss up might I thought about was between Romania and Denmark but I just feel the Romanian diaspora might win out (though also never rule out the power of the Lithuanian diaspora!)

I wasn’t around to listen in to the press centre live stream of the jury show – I think the main take away that I can glean is that there is a big question mark over Armenia – and there seems to be more confidence that Denmark will qualify over Armenia.

Not long to go and as a reminder, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom will be voting (which means I can vote!).

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