Eurovision 2019 previews countdown: #5 SPAIN – Miki – “La venda”

La venda a cayo – the blindfold has fallen and the first of my top 5 are revealed and it’s the penultimate big 5 country in my countdown. It’s such a great joy to have Spain in my top 5. They have had so many great entries over the years but it’s not, in retrospect, been the greatest few years recently, but they are one of my very favourites this here with an out and out Spanish party anthem delivered by an extremely engaging (and lovely) performer, Miki.

So the Spanish national selection was a little convoluted to say the least – they used their Operación Triunfo show (a reality TV music contest) as a route. Contestants on there had songs assigned to them and 17 audio only snippets were released and online votes led to the top 3 going through to a final of 10, and the remaining 7 chosen by a selection panel from the 14 remaining songs.

The big favourite was Maria’s Muérdeme but I had my eye (well, ear to be more accurate) on “La venda” from the very start so I was pleased to see it in the final 10, put through by the selection panel (and also noticed he was in a duet in another song that also was put through to the final). Of course it was going to be about the live national final show (which was commendably brisk) and it was so clear Miki was giving his absolute all into this. He took both 1st and 3rd place (his duet with Natalia “Nadie se salva“).

He’s from Catalonia and finished sixth in Operación Triunfo but has just taken the Eurovision opportunity with both hands – his live performances are so enlivening, at all the preparties, so much fun, his hair bouncing up and down and crowds just really take to this, whether they are Spanish or not. He seems a lovely guy and I had/took the chance to have my pic taken with him (along with my friend Clive who is in the middle of the pic below) at the London Eurovision. I can confirm that he is indeed a lovely and b) the biceps/arms are genuinely as big and solid as they look.

Matt loves Eurovision with Miki
Miki, Clive and me

The song has had a mini revamp which I think slightly dampened some of the fun but I am pleased to say that when it’s performed live all the fun is back – it’s anthemic, energetic, and very Spanish. Now it is 50 years since Spain last won so they are overdue a win but to be honest, who cares how this will finish as it’s so much fun. I do I think this deserves to do well though. Juries may not go for it in a big way but I hope it gets at least something from the televote. I hope also that it’s a big summer hit (I am sure it will be) and it’s going to popular for years hence at Eurovision nights. Vamos Miki!

Official music video:

National final performance:

My preview video:

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Flag of Spain

First entered: 1961

Appearances (excluding this year): 58

Best result: Winner 1968, 1969

Last year’s result: 23rd

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