Eurovision 2019 previews countdown: #18 ESTONIA – Victor Crone – “Storm”

It’s fair to say that Estonia are often one of my favourite countries in the contest, and they’ve once again come highest out of the three Baltic nations in my own rankings, in this, their silver jubilee appearance at the contest. After a couple of non-qualifications in recent years, they made the final last year and finished in the top 10, for the third time since 2012. Can the Swede Victor Crone take this Stig Rästa co-written song to the final?

Storms don’t last forever as SuRie says, but storms will forever crop up in Eurovision songs. The Spotify/radio friendly song is sung by Victor Crone, veteran of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen (in 2015) and winner of this year’s Estonian national final, the well established Eesti Laul. While the singer is Swedish, the Estonian influence in their own song is clear though, with Stig once again on the writing credits for an Estonian entry. He most notably wrote and, with Elina Born, performed at Eurovision 2015 with the fabulous “Goodbye to Yesterday“.

“Storm” is actually quite a conventional EDM track with a strong country pop twang. I don’t mind that it isn’t the most groundbreaking song going, it’s still an enjoyable listen and will be popular on the dancefloors of Euroclub, Eurocafe and the Eurovision village in Tel Aviv I am sure. Victor’s live vocal was a little shaky at Eesti Laul but he seems to have been performing better at the pre-parties and shows.

Much as I enjoy this song and am an admirer of Estonia at the contest, I do worry a little for their qualification chances this year. Both semi-finals appear quite tough, and while Estonia is in a good place in the running order, they are in the midst of some strong favourites and very distinctive, “out there” entries which may mean “Storm” gets a bit lost. On the other hand, it could work in their favour!

National final performance:

My preview video

Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Flag of Estonia

First entered: 1994

Appearances (excluding this year): 24

Best result: Winner 2001

Last year’s result: 8th

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  1. Philip says:

    LOVE this song. In my top 3 this year. Its current and is sung by a “Easy on the Eye” bloke. Eurovision magic

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