Eurovision 2019 previews countdown: #28 IRELAND – Sarah McTernan – “22”

Ireland remain the most successful country at Eurovision (still holding off Sweden just about) though, as with the UK, it’s been a while since they last did well. Last year, to many people’s surprise (including mine I will confess), Ireland qualified for the grand final for the first time since 2013. Will they get back to back qualifications this year?

Ireland stuck with their internal selection, and for the first time since 2014, it’s a female solo artist. Sarah McTernan has been on The Voice of Ireland and even entered a song for San Marino selection process in 2018. Her song, “22” is a bubbly pop number though the song is about a lost love. It’s very much an earworm, though unlike many Eurovision songs it doesn’t rise to any sort of crescendo.

I do quite enjoy this song, and it’s definitely radio/Spotify friendly. I am less convinced by the live vocal and performance. From my own recent experience, I think this is where it may fall down. Could it be saved with an improved vocal and interesting staging? Certainly it was Ireland’s staging that saw them through to the final last year but I think the odds are more stacked against them this year combined with a less than an ideal place in the running order (even with the UK voting in their semi).

Official music video:

Live performance at Eurovision in Concert, Amsterdam:

My preview video:

Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Flag of Ireland

First entered: 1965

Appearances (excluding this year): 52

Best result: Winner 1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996

Last year’s result: 16th

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