Eurovision 2019 previews top 41 countdown

So that time is upon us when I do my annual previews countdown – a daily preview starting on 2 April all the way through to 12 May, with a country featured each day.

As I did last year, this is my personal top 41 rather than based on any kind of YouTube tops, betting odds etc. So I will add my caveat from last year that please don’t take offense if your favourite is low in my list, it’s all just personal taste!

As well as talking about the song and artist itself, these previews may also include anything interesting from the national selection (if there was one), qualification chances or generally how they might perform, as well as some history of the country at the contest.

My top 41 has had to be based on what has been seen in national finals and/or official music videos. In many cases I haven’t yet seen these performed live, and of course we don’t know how the staging and performance will actually go in Tel Aviv, so this is my ranking as it stands before all of that.

One big difference though this year is that as well as a daily post on my site here, I will also be doing a daily countdown video on my YouTube channel! See below for more details, but also please do subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on each video as I post them…

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