Eurovision 2019 national selections: Selecţia Naţională final (Romania preview)

So after a flurry of national finals on Saturday (16 Feb), Romania’s national final takes place all on its own on a Sunday which means no multi-screen channel hopping for eurofans! Romania’s final is one to take note of as I believe there is a potential Eurovision winner in the mix. It’s probably a two horse race for the victory, though given the results in another national final shows, never rule out a surprise!

Bella Santiago – “Army of Love”

So this is an undeniably big favourite with the fandom, and I can see why – but for me it is so close to “Fuego”, it’s not even disguised! Her vocals also aren’t up the same as Eleni’s so I just can’t see that this would (or should) replicate Fuego’s success. This is one of the two favourites – I think this might be more likely to tip the televote but may be behind with the jury.

Laura Bretan – “Dear Father”

So for me, this has potential Eurovision winner written on it – incredible vocals, and several “moments” that genuinely give those tingles/chills. There’s been some brouhaha over alleged comments Laura may have made during a referendum (on gay marriage) but even if true, she’s not even an adult yet (only 16) so I think that needs to be put to one side and judgement just made on the song and performance – which I think deserves to be going to Tel Aviv. She’s the joint favourite with Bella Santiago…

Letiția Moisescu and Sensibil Balkan – “Daina”

This won’t have much of a chance of winning the final but it’s nice to have a Balkan ethnobop in a national final again. Just could do with a bit more of the ethnoboppy chorus!

Trooper – “Destin”

Trooper are a Romanian heavy metal band, and have been together for almost 25 years, and in their time have performed with the likes of Iron Maiden. They’ve not brought a purely heavy rock song though, they’ve brought in a male opera singer to combine to form a song I rather like, with a very catchy folk rock chorus (and has a key change!). Again, hard to see this winning when we have the two big favourites but I wouldn’t be unhappy if this did somehow win.

The show begins at 6.30pm UK time (8.30pm local time) and you can watch on TVR’s live stream.

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