Eurovision 2019 national selections: Supernova final (Latvia preview)

Latvia’s national selection reaches its final stage tonight with 8 artists having made it through the semi-finals. The choice is, to my taste, more limited than their neighbour Estonia’s national final, also held tonight. However, there is definitely some interest here as Eurofan favourite Markus Riva attempts once again to represent Latvia at Eurovision.

Markus Riva – “You Make Me So Crazy”

The easy-on-the-eye Markus makes another bid to reach Eurovision and with a relatively weak selection, it could be a now or never moment for Markus. The song is upbeat and pretty catchy if not exactly groundbreaking (and quite basic). I still think that much while it would be great to see Markus at Eurovision at last, he will still be pipped to the post.

Edgars Kreilis – “Cherry Absinthe”

I’ve not watched a lot of Latvia’s semi-finals but it does seem that this may be the strongest candidate to win. Not sure it would make a huge impact at Eurovision itself but has to win Supernova before that step!

Carousel – “That Night”

With a bit of a different sound to the other finalists, don’t discount this dark horse…

That’s my superquick preview – the show starts at 7.25pm UK time and live streams on LTV’s website.

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