Eurovision 2019 national selections: Dora and EMA (Croatia and Slovenia previews)

Two Balkan countries are hosting their finals tonight, and for Croatia it’s been some years since they last did a televised final. I will confess I haven’t had much time to listen through the previews, though all we have had is short audio snippets rather than the full length songs or any live performances.

EMA 2019 (Slovenia) song snippets)

Quite a mixed range of songs here which could make for an interesting final. Definitely some upbeat bops in there – I like the sound of the song that is first up, “Rhythm Back to You” by Kim. However it’s all going to be on the live performances. EMA begins at 7pm and you can see it on RTV Slovenia’s website.

Dora 2019 (Croatia) song snippets

Also a bit of a mystery to me is what we will get from Croatia’s national final. There are 16 artists in the final but we’ve only had snippets so far. From what I’ve heard, Luka Nižetić with “Brutalero” might be the pick of the bunch.

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