The Toy Tour: Netta performs at Heaven in London

Netta completed a six-city European mini tour in London on 21 November, and of course, I and some of my Eurovision-loving friends couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to see this year’s contest winner perform in the place where we live.

It’s been a while since I have been to Heaven (my dancey nights out tend to be restricted to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern these days) and while it’s had a bit of a restructure inside, it remains basically the same. There was a crowd of several hundred but the height of the stage meant we had a good view from nearer the back where it was less crushed (also average height of crowd wasn’t exactly tall!)

I think none of us really knew what to expect, given we really only know Netta from her Eurovision win, but it was great to see her perform a full set in person and see that skill she has with her vocal looper and her bubbly and friendly personality. She did a number of covers but in her distinctive style, including Israel’s first Eurovision winner from 1978, “A-Ba-Ni-Bi”.

One of my favourite moments was when she got one of the audience on stage to do a recording in the looper for one of her numbers. “My name is Jay and I love mac and cheese” (in a suitably embarrassed British voice) rang out during the song! That seemed to especially amuse the security guard near us who was laughing, clapping and dancing along to the set.

Of course, the encore/final song was “Toy” and my friend Shaun captured it on video – his phone camera is the best in our group!

Shaun also took a few photos – we were quite far back but we could see well though it was hard to get clear pics given the light but as usual Shaun took the most and the best!

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