My top 5 songs from…Armenia

This is an updated top 5 of one the most easterly of Eurovision’s countries and still relative newcomers, having entered for the first time in 2006. They have done well, almost as well as their bitter rivals Azerbaijan, so although I only had 12 songs to choose from to make this (updated top 5), there are plenty of high placing results among that dozen.

7 of Armenia’s 12 Eurovision entries have placed in the top 10 in the grand final, and all but 1 song in my top 5 were in the top 10. Their good run of results came to an end in 2018, with their first ever non-qualifier. You won’t find it in this top 5 but will find 2017’s entry has made an appearance in this update.

5. Artsvik “Fly with Me” (2017, 18th place, 79 points)

Making an entry in this updated Armenian top 5 is the arty Artsvik and her song for the 2017 contest. I thought this was distinctly Armenian, stylish, and of course with great camera cuts. I think it didn’t quite translate as well to the Eurovision stage as 2016’s Armenian entry, so I’ve placed this below the following song…

4. Iveta Mukuchyan “LoveWave” (2016, 7th place, 249 points)

This recent Armenian effort is more style than substance in many ways – a performance rather than a song but nonetheless it’s pretty impressive and we get some traditional/ethnic sounds within it which always counts highly with me!

3. André “Without Your Love” (2006, 8th place, 129 points)

The only male Armenian entry on my list, Andrey Hovnanian, was the first artist to represent Armenia and made an impressive start for the ex-Soviet country in Eurovision. It has classic Eurovision elements that always appeals to me – a big dancey, catchy, ethnopop number! (Plus quite a hot guy!)

2. Sirusho “Qélé, Qélé” (2008, 4th place, 199 points)

Warming to my theme, it’s another catchy, dancey, ethnopop number from Armenia and in fact is their most successful entry to date. Aram MP3 also finished 4th in 2014, but he scored fewer points than this.

1. Inga and Anush “Jan Jan” (2009, 10th place, 92 points)

Maybe a bit of a surprise this is my number 1? Well, surprise or not, I do enjoy this song a lot – bit of a guilty pleasure! Costume wise, apparently they are wearing traditional dress of their home village – Graham quipped “a village where Liberace is the mayor it seems”! I love the energy they put into the performance and of course I enjoy the ethnic sounds and instruments in it as well!

What do you think of my (updated) top 5? No Aram MP3 as you may have spotted – do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!

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