Autumn 2018 – upcoming updates to Matt loves Eurovision

Summer hasn’t quite gone away for us here in London just yet, with some very pleasant weather at the moment, but my mind is turning to bringing the site of its summer hibernation. The new Eurovision year/season began on 1 September and with Tel Aviv being confirmed as host city, the path to Eurovision 2019 is well and truly begun. 

So what am I planning on posting over next month or two? Well, I’ve got two main projects with a possible added side (video) project. I completed my set of Top 5s (and some Top 10s) at Christmas last year with the exception of countries with fewer than 5 entries, Yugoslavia (though I did top 5s of the ex-Yugoslav states), Monaco, and my own country, the United Kingdom.

I’m going to rectify the missing countdown of UK entries, but go a bit further with this one, and do a full run down of all 61 entries, ranking them from least favourite to my favourite. I’ll batch them up though, at least for those outside the top 10, and do posts that go 61 to 50, 49 to 40 etc. It’s quite a big task and I haven’t even sorted my order yet but I will aim to start putting out posts through October to Christmas.

I’ve also got quite a few updates to do to my Top 5s – for each of them I needed to consider whether their 2018 entry made a difference, and for about half of them I also needed to consider the 2017 entry as many of my Top 5s were written before the 2017 contest. Looking over my notes, I’ve got fifteen to update, a further five possibly to update, a new one to create (Czech Republic) and one to turn from a top 5 to a top 10 (Italy – the only Big 5 country I haven’t done that for). As well as updating the copy I will also need to update the montage image used…so plenty to keep me busy!

Finally, and this is less likely to happen given my lack of experience in this area, I’d like to try and create YouTube videos specifically for each Top 5 or 10 which shows clips of each song  – and possibly comments with each one and some sort of text/graphic overlay. I see lots of these sorts of top 10 etc videos on YouTube but I am not yet experienced at creating them!

Eurofest at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern August 2018 – Euroband (Iceland 2008)

I didn’t create a separate post for this but I was at the RVT for the August Bank Holiday Eurofest which this time featured Iceland’s 2008 entry, Euroband. I took very little video footage as I was enjoying the show so much, plus there were a lot of people waving flags around so it was difficult to film anyway.

Euroband performed their Eurovision entry of course (clip below) but they did a huge medley of Eurovision classics, both old and new, and it was probably the best overall set I’ve seen at Eurofest (as while there have been many great performers there and performances, they’ve tended to do their big hit and a few other songs whereas this was a full hour long hommage to Eurovision. They also stayed on afterwards partying and dancing with us all, and chatting away. Absolutely lovely pair!

Me and the gang with Euroband:



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