Eurovision 2018 previews countdown: #13 ITALY – Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – “Non mi avete fatto niente”

It’s another big 5 country – the penultimate in fact in the countdown. (You can probably work out what the remaining big 5 country is!) Italy have come close to winning on than one occasion since their return to the contest in 2011. Last year, they were the huge favourite going in to the contest (with betting odds the lowest I had seen) but something didn’t quite translate to the Kyiv stage as well and the finished (a still respectable) 6th. Can the San Remo winners this year cause a surprise and take that elusive third victory for Italy?

This does seem to be a year with a lot of “message” songs, and this is one of the most obvious of those. The male duo’s song is all about (pointless) wars, terrorist attacks etc. All a bit grim you might say, but it’s a good song, and I enjoy their singing, the hook, the chorus, it’s a good package and was easily my favourite when watching the endless San Remo final. Some have commented they find the song, or the way it is sung, “too aggressive/angry” but I don’t agree (or else it doesn’t bother me).

Somewhat worryingly (for me), Fabrizio Moro is the only main singer in the contest this year who is older than me! Not that he’s looking bad for it – quite the opposite! Ermal Meta is Albanian born, so that may bring in a few extra televotes. At the moment, I don’t think we will be looking at an Italian win, but I think this will do pretty well once again for Italy – I don’t see it finishing last that’s for sure!

Official music video:

Live performance at San Remo festival (equivalent of Italian national final):

Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Flag of ItalyFirst entered: 1956

Appearances (excluding this year): 43

Best result: Winner 1964, 1990

Last year’s result: 6th

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