Eurovision 2018 previews countdown: #21 MALTA – Christabelle – “Taboo”

We’re staying in the Mediterranean as we move into the top half of my rankings and it’s that other country who are long-time entrants but yet to achieve a win – though they have come agonisingly close on several occasions. Eurovision without them just wouldn’t seem right – and they have not missed a contest since their return in 1991. They are the tiny island with a big heart – it’s Malta. 

Maltese artists often make multiple attempts to reach Eurovision – last year’s representative had tried for years; Jessika (representing San Marino this year) also tried for years (unsuccessfully). It’s always feels good when they finally make it, and Christabelle has done just that, winning the national selection at her fourth attempt. Her song’s message is around tackling mental health and it’s a fairly uptempo Europop number with a definite Swedish pop influence – unsurprising since the prolific Thomas G:Son is one of the co-composers.

This grew a lot on me from first listen to second and while it’s not exactly groundbreaking, it gives the contest a much needed classic Europop bop. It certainly has a chance to qualify being in the weaker semi-final, but Malta are without their 4 biggest past points givers (UK, Ireland, Spain, and somewhat oddly, Croatia) so that may dent the chances a little. I hope it gets to the final though – Eurovision doesn’t quite seem like Eurovision without Malta!

Official music video:

Live at Maltese national final:

Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Flag of MaltaFirst entered: 1971

Appearances (excluding this year): 30

Best result: 2nd in 2002 and 2005

Last year’s result: 16th in semi-final (did not qualify)

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  1. Philip says:

    Mediocre song, but I think it is a grower. Fingers crossed that this qualifies. As you say Matt Eurovision doesn’t quite seem like Eurovision without Malta.

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