Eurovision 2018 previews countdown: #22 CYPRUS – Eleni Foureira – “Fuego”

With Portugal having finally laid to rest their long-held record of country with the most contest appearances without a win, that dubious baton has now passed to Cyprus. They mark the halfway point in my countdown, and with three grand final qualifications in a row after a year’s hiatus in 2014, can Cyprus follow Portugal and break their Eurovision duck? 

Certainly if the fandom had anything to do with it, Cyprus would be in with a very strong chance. “Fuego” is going down a treat with the Eurofan demographic – and not surprising, it’s a full out party banger with a distinctive Aegean sound. I definitely enjoy this, but I have a frustration and reservation. My frustration is when you think a really banging chorus/hook is about to hit, the song drops and you don’t get that expected hook until after that drop – it does make me mark the song down from where it might have otherwise been. My reservation over it is purely from the fact we’ve not seen this performed live yet but given Eleni’s pedigree, that may not be too much of a worry.

Eleni, like many former representatives of Cyprus, is of Greek nationality, though was actually born in Albania and was brought to Greece at a very young age when her parents fled from unrest in their home country. She’s had a number 1 album in Greece and several top 10 singles. She’s been in the running to represent Greece at Eurovision but it’s Cyprus that gives her the opportunity to go – she’ll be guaranteed maximum points from Greece I am sure! And yes, they are in the same semi-final… Also voting in that semi-final is the UK, also traditionally a giver of points to Cyprus. So while this is in difficult semi-final, don’t rule out a fourth consecutive grand final appearance for Cyprus.

Official music video:

Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Flag of CyprusFirst entered: 1981

Appearances (excluding this year): 34

Best result: 5th in 1982, 1997 and 2004

Last year’s result: 21st

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