Eurovision 2018 previews countdown: #31 LATVIA – Laura Rizzotto – “Funny Girl”

We’re back to a “first from so and so part of Europe” today in the countdown – it’s the first of the three Baltics – Latvia. They are bringing a bit of the western hemisphere to Eurovision as Laura Rizzotto is a Latvian-Brazilian, born in Rio, and who spent much of her teenage years and beyond living in the US. Can she win for Latvia, Brazil and the USA?

This was quite a surprise winner of Latvia’s national selection (Supernova 2018) but I can see why it did win. It’s a classy number and Laura seems confident in her performance and vocals. At times though she does seem to struggle a bit with her breathing – the lyrics run so close to one another at times, but overall it seems solid.

I’m personally fairly indifferent to this – I don’t actively dislike it, but I wouldn’t actively choose to listen to it over many of this year’s songs. Her Brazilian (and hence Portuguese speaking) heritage may garner some extra interest or support in Lisbon, but I’m not convinced this will qualify. It’s in the middle of the second half of its semi, and comes just before the vote-hoover that is Sweden. However, I am fairly confident it won’t come last like Latvia did last year – which was a surprise result given it was well liked by the fans before the contest. Shows what we (don’t) know…!

Official music video:

Live performance at Latvian national final (Supernova 2018):

Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Flag of LatviaFirst entered: 2000

Appearances (excluding this year): 18

Best result: Winner 2002

Last year’s result: 18th in semi-final (last place in that semi)

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