Eurovision 2018 previews countdown: #38 IRELAND – Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “Together”

Up next in the countdown is the most successful country in Eurovision history – Ireland. Like the UK, Ireland’s recent fortunes in the contest have been a long way from their glory days. Can Ryan bring Ireland the success they once had back in the 1990s?

On the evidence of this song, I don’t think we’ll be seeing an eighth victory just yet. The song is not, in my view anyway, particularly memorable, and I don’t see how it advances Ireland on in the contest from what they put in last year. I do think it’s a sweet song, and I’m sure Ryan is capable of strong live vocals (he was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012), it just doesn’t grab me or hold in my memory.

What I will say, and the reason it came in the top 20 at the Eurofest vote at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, is that it has a beautiful music video. Gay couple, lovely choreography, and a single long take through the streets of Dublin. Timely and poignant for sure, and it certainly lifts the song, but it won’t be accompanying Ryan on stage in Lisbon (well it seems unlikely anyway) and the actual content of the video is at odds with the songs lyrics which is about a couple breaking up! Nevertheless, one of the best music videos from this year’s entries.

Will we see Ireland back in the grand final? They haven’t made the final since 2013, and given this is in the super competitive semi final 1, I don’t think this will see the grand final (even with the UK voting in their semi).

Official music video:

Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Flag of Ireland
First entered: 1965

Appearances (excluding this year): 51

Best result: Winner 1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996

Last year’s result: 13th in semi-final (did not qualify)

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