Eurovision 2018 previews top 43 countdown

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the national selections season and even had a chance to read a few of the previews I did of specific national finals. With all the selections done, and whatever revamps of songs have been done, and the final submission deadline passed, it’s almost time to start my annual daily preview countdown… 

For the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time going through people’s rankings videos they’ve made on YouTube and calculating an average position to do my own preview countdown. I’m breaking with that method this year though – it takes a lot of time to do and to be frank, they are often very skewed towards (or against) certain countries and certain music genres.

This year I’m doing a purely personal Top 43 so you may well find some songs that are popular in the fandom may be low ranked here. I won’t just be expressing my view of the songs of course, I’ll be introducing the act, the song, any #skandal, and some background of that country’s history at Eurovision. I will post two videos of the song where I can – the official video as well as a live performance (if it exists – sometimes there is no live version yet; and for others the official video is from a live performance).

The previews begin on Friday 23 March with Song #43! Who will be receiving my wooden spoon?

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  1. Sultana says:

    Better not Hungary cos you will be punished! 😀

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