Eurovision 2018 national selections: Eurovizijos dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka (Lithuania preview)

One of the longest of all the national selections is also the last country to reach its national final. The long selection process didn’t help Lithuania much last year with a lowly result in the semi-final. Do any of the 6 finalists have what it takes and make Eurovision 2018 a happier hunting ground for Lithuania? 

My good Lithuanian friend Aiva tells me that there are suspicions that there has potentially been a certain amount of rigging in the results so far as juries have been able to see how the televoting has gone before they cast their votes. On top of that, as the various shows narrowing the acts down have been done in two separate brackets/halves, there is little information to suggest who might be the favourite(s) among the finalists. More insights from Aiva on each of the artists below! I’ve listed them in the running order of the final.

Monika Marija “The Truth”

A lady of serious eye shadow and and a poncho/frock that looks like it’s made up of carpet cuttings, this is a modern day big female power ballad – something we’re actually lacking at Eurovision this year. She’s a former winner of The Voice in Lithuania and was actually a last minute replacement in the selection for the singer who was originally lined up to sing this song. Not a favourite to win judging by jury and televote results in previous rounds, but it is the sort of thing that sometimes comes through on final night.

Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė “That Girl”

From a more traditional female ballad to a more funky female solo. Not sure this stands out that much and it’s in the traditional running order slot of voting doom, second to perform. Yet, Kotryna has Eurovision experience – she was backing singer for Donny Montell, “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”, in 2016 and finished in the top 10 in the grand final.

The Roop “Yes, I Do”

Some classic Eurovision staging in this one – the artist begins the song singing on top of a box. In the semi-final performance he sported some rather over tight trousers – sadly not to be seen in the video above. It’s a mid-tempo solo male pop song – not bad and does have a strong televote potential. The song is actually about dealing with mental illness – the singer himself has suffered from depression – so there is some real meaning behind it.

Paula “1 2 3”

This definitely has a certain Eurovision sound to it I think – and maybe that isn’t too surprising as Donny Montell, twice Eurovison grand finalist for Lithuania has been involved in the song production and staging of this. A finalist in Lithuania’s national selection last year, she’s still only 17.

Jurgis Brūzga “4Love”

There is something of a cut price Robin Bengtsson about this one – has been in a number of national selections in the past. Has been called “reliable” by the jury and I can see this being a “safe” choice though hasn’t done so well in the televote.

Ieva Zasimauskaitė “When we‘re old”

Winner of jury and public vote in her bracket, this is Aiva’s favourite – the song is dedicated to her husband. She’s been in the final a few times before – and sounds like it could be her time to reach Eurovision at last? It seems a sweet song – a ballad, but not a shouty woman power ballad which is too be welcomed.

Who will win? No idea! I think Ieva seems to have the edge in quality of her song, vocal perfomance and the best running order slot. Eurovision-wise, I think Paula’s song would work best – Ieva’s slow and emotional song might be seen as too closely following in Salvador Sobral’s footsteps…

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  1. ropė says:

    Kotryna did not participated with Vaidas and Monika in 2015 with song “This Time”. She was with Donny Montell in 2016 in Sweden with song “I’ve been waiting for this night”

    1. I got my info from my Lithuanian friend – happy to be corrected!

  2. says:

    Nice! I love your toughts about our finalists, hoping that Ieva will win ♥

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