Eurovision 2018 national selections: Melodi Grand Prix (Norway preview)

We’re almost at the end of the national final season but there are three more still to go this weekend – and three-times winner Norway chooses from their finalists on Saturday (10 March). Unlike Sweden, whose final falls on the same evening, there have been no semi-finals, there is just a single show. The 10 strong line up includes three former Eurovision participants, one of whom is a Eurovision winner! 

Going through all the participants might be bit much for one page, but you can listen to all the finalists on this YouTube playlist. Below I’ve listed my two or three personal favourites, and also included all the former Eurovision participants.

Aleksander Walmann “Talk to the Hand”

My favourite from Norway’s national selection is their representative from last year. Aleksander was lead (though uncredited) vocalist for JOWST’s “Grab the Moment” in 2018 but this year he’s got his name as the artist while JOWST is one of the song’s composers. Funky, catchy, uptempo – I hope this comes to Lisbon.

Ida Maria “Scandilove”

If Aleksander doesn’t get to make his return to Eurovision, then I hope this represents Norway – bonkers, funny and firmly tongue-in-cheek, I just think the refrain of “can you make love like a Scandinavian” would be even funnier amongst the southern European surroundings of Lisbon.

Alejandro Fuentes “Tengo Otra”

Maybe not the strongest song in the line up, I rather like this – and in lieu of a Spanish entry that I like. it’s nice to hear Spanish in a song I do like! Alejandro hails from Chile originally but finished third in the 2005 series of Norwegian Idol.

Alexander Rybak “That’s How You Write A Song”

Instantly recognisable to anyone with a half decent knowledge of Eurovision, Alexander won Eurovision for Norway with “Fairytale”, and one of the most dominant victories in Eurovision history. I can’t really see this repeating history for Alexander, and while it’s quite catchy, it feels almost like a sequel to “Love Love Peace Peace” (in which he appeared!) rather than a sequel to an actual Eurovision entry…

Stella & Alexandra – You Got Me

The last of Norway’s previous Eurovision representatives in this year’s line up is Stella (Mwangi) whose 2011 Eurovision song “Haba Haba” was number 1 in Norway for four weeks, a Eurofan favourite and tipped to do very well before the contest, only to sink in the semi-finals, finishing 17th of 19. I’m not sure this will even make it to Lisbon, but good luck again Stella!

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