Eurovision 2018 national selections: Unser Lied für Lissabon (Germany preview)

The final member of the big 5 to hold their national selection final, Germany are, like the UK, also having a midweek final with a selection of 6 finalists. It seems a decent quality field this year, although, again like the UK, Germany needs to send something exceptional to avoid finishing low in the grand final of the contest itself. 

Xavier Darcy “Jonah”

Pleasant sounding guitar based song. It’s a fairly simple, maybe not enough to stand out too much.

Ivy Quainoo “House on Fire”

Ivy was the winner of Germany’s first series of The Voice in 2012, so her live vocal ability should be a given. Again, it’s a decent quality pop song, I’m not sure if it would stand out at the contest were it to win the national final.

Ryk “You and I”

A slow, very stripped down male ballad – inspired again maybe by Salvador’s win? Could be quite striking live but I’m not sure it would stand out as much as Salvador did.

Michael Schulte “You Let Me Walk Alone”

I gather that this may be the favourite to win Unser Lied. It feels heartfelt and passionate – but maybe a little too dull for me – I’m always more on the upbeat or party banger side of things!

Natia Todua “My Own Way”

It’s not bad at all – another competent pop song in this mix of finalists although I do find her voice a bit grating. Again, I would think this would struggle to stand out at the actual contest.

voXXclub “I mog Di so”

The most interesting of the 6 I think and the one I like the most. VoXXclub are an example of the “new folk” music movement in and are the only act to sing in German. For both those reasons, I think this is the one that could stand out for Germany in the contest – it might not work – but at least it wouldn’t be another competent, pleasant but bland pop song (which just don’t do well for Germany). German has rarely been sung at the contest since the language rule was lifted in 1999 and I think this would be a perfect song to bring the German language back to Eurovision.

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