Eurovision 2018 national selections: Beovizija 2018 (Serbia preview)

After two years of internal selection, Serbia returns to a national final, and a big one at that – there are 17 entries bidding for a place at Eurovision. It takes place on evening of Tuesday 20 February (one of two mid-week national finals this week with Germany on Thursday). On first listen, it’s a solid and quality field – probably one of the most consistent out of the national finals this year so it’s hard to predict who will win! I have listened to all 17, but I don’t have time and space to list them all here though! Suffice to say, there are a couple of classic Balkan ballads thrown in, some midtempo songs, a mix of styles, a bit of uptempo ethnopop. There is even a previous Montenegrin entry here in part, Rambo Amadeus (“Euro Neuro”) lending some rap vocals to one of entries.

I think with Montenegro having already got a male solo Balkan ballad as their entry, Serbia would be advised to vote for something else than the three male Balkan ballads in this selection. I would go for one of the three below (uptempo and/or ethnopop) – and also we’re always in need of more party bangers!

Biber and DJ Niko Bravo “Svatovi”

Sanja Ilic and Balkanika “Nova Deca”

Lord “Samo Nek Se Okreće”

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