Eurovision 2018 national selections: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (Denmark preview)

With January being a very busy month personally for me, I didn’t have chance to do previews of the national finals that took place then – France, Spain, Switzerland (Albania and Malta had too many entries in the final to do a full preview!) but I’m trying to rectify that a little by doing at least some national finals. The UK is all done now, but Denmark approaches this weekend…

(Actually, it’s also the final of San Remo in Italy, where the winner can become the Italian Eurovision entry if they choose to, but that has too many entries to do a full preview in time!)

I approach the Danish national final with slim hope rather than expectation. In last three years they haven’t sent my favourite from their final and have sent something fairly mediocre/uninteresting. I fear that this year my favourite will not be selected either – and it’s my favourite song of all from all the national selections I have heard so far…it’s a triumphant return for the artist previously known as Whigfield! Other than that, it’s a bit of a beige selection, but here go…

Albin Fredy “Music for the Road”

Not unpleasant, but nothing special either though. I like the whistling bits in it!

My score: 6/10

Anna Ritsmar “Starlight”

This one plods along, bit of a catchy chorus, but never really stands out that much. Singer has a slight Lily Allen sound to her voice.

My score: 4/10 

CARLSEN “Standing Up for Love”

This sounds like a throwback to 2000s Eurovision – and something that Denmark would send back then as well. Maybe should have stayed there!

My score: 3/10

Ditte Marie “Riot”

One of the stronger songs in this selection, this will probably be one of the three to progress to the superfinal. Not bad, but I feel like I’ve heard this before – can it stand out enough?

My score: 6/10

KARUI “Signals”

Very American-sounding, but doesn’t do a great deal for me!

My score: 3/10

Lasse Melling “Unfound”

A rarity in Danish national selections – a male solo artist! I quite like this one although again it would probably get lost in the contest itself.

My score: 7.5/10

Rasmussen “Higher Ground”

The pre-final favourite from what I’ve seen, I’d rank this as my own second favourite. There is something very Viking-feeling about it, and feels like it could be a theme song to a fantasy/historical film or series. Or take the main vocal away and it’s a theme music for the Vikings in computer games like Civilization! I expect this to win but hard to say what (if any) impact this would make at the contest itself.

My score: 8/10

Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe “Holder fast i ingenting”

The only Danish language song in the final, it’s nice to hear something other than English in a national final of a non-English speaking country! It’s a fairly standard uptempo pop song, but the Danish language makes it stand out a little more.

My score: 7/10

Sandra “Angels to my Battlefield”

A fairly forgettable slower song…

My score: 3/10

Sannie “Boys on Girls”

It’s the return of mid-90s pop star Whigfield! Now known by her real name… “Saturday Night” remains a huge party hit to this day. I really love this – it’s a mix of Whigfield, The Cardigans and Blur (you know the song I mean) – maybe it’s my nostalgia for 90s music, but this is my favourite song across all the national selections – that I have heard to date anyway. I don’t expect this to win the Danish national final, but I will be so pleased if it did!

My score: 10/10

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