5 party bangers from the Big 5 for New Year’s Eve

So it’s my last post of 2017, and thought I small selection of party bangers was in order. Now, there are so many to choose from, I thought I’d make it quicker and pick one party banger from each of the Big 5!

Lots more to come from the site in 2018 – and with added bonus of my presence in Lisbon during Eurovision week and I’ll be going to the jury rehearsal of the grand final! And hopefully also one or more of the semi-final show options – but those tickets not yet released. So lots to look forward to – happy new year everyone, have a wonderful 2018!

France: Jessy Matador “Allez Ola Olé” (2010)

The most party banger song I think France has ever entered, it’s got to be my choice for France!

Germany: Mekado “Wir geben ‘ne Party” (1994)

I almost went with Cascada for Germany’s party banger, but in the end, can’t go far wrong with a song with party in the title!

Italy: Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s Karma” (2017)

Not so many party bangers among Italy’s back catalogue, so it’s this year’s entry that’s my choice for their party banger. This is the original length of the pre-contest favourite, before it got chopped down to the 3 min max requirement (and possibly killed its chances)

Spain: Azúcar Moreno “Bandido” (1990)

So many choices for Spain’s party banger but it’s the fearsome sister duo from 1990 who blended flamenco with the club sounds of the time.

United Kingdom: Gina G Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit (1996)

What else could it be for the UK – and it’s my ultimate Eurovision party banger of all! One of the most commercially successful Eurovision entries of recent times, it’s still the most recent Eurovision song to reach No 1. in the UK charts, and also a rare success by a Eurovision song in the US charts.

Happy New Year all! Party hard, party safe! x

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