My top 5 songs from…Montenegro

One of the lesser known Eurovision nations, Montenegro are still fairly new (in terms of competing as an independent country) and also have only appeared twice in grand finals. Nevertheless, they’ve entered some “unique” entries in that short time, and certainly mix it up and keep us guessing as to what they might bring us each year! 

5. Knez “Adio” (2015, 13th place, 60 points)

Montenegro’s most successful entry to date, Knez looks a bit like a walking advert for Botox (Graham Norton put that thought in my mind from his commentary!). It’s got a lot of classic Balkan elements, including that Balkan instrumental part of the song we’ve come to expect!

4. Sergej Cetkovic “Moj svijet” (2014, 19th place, 37 points)

Along with Knez’s Adio, this is really the only other classic Balkan ballad among Montenegro’s set of entries. I prefer it to Knez’s offering though – Sergej is more personable I think and I prefer the soaring instrumental in this one. The music video could have worked well as an advert for the Montenegrin tourist board – the landscapes look stunning!

3. Highway “The Real Thing” (2016, 13th place in semi-final, 60 points)

This might surprise you but actually it’s not as hard rocky as it first might appear and actually I don’t mind this at all – it’s worth more of a listen rather than being dismissed out of hand (it’s not a genre that finds favour with the typical Eurofan after all). Also the guys are better looking than you’d expect for a band like this as well 🙂

2. Andrea Demirovic “Just Get Out of My Life” (2009, 11th in semi-final, 44 points)

Ah, classic Eurovision fare – camp, catchy and very cheesy and it almost saw Montenegro make their first final – coming in 11th place in the semi-final.

1. Slavko Kalezic “Space” (2017, 16th place in semi-final, 56 points)

Slavko is now perhaps better known to UK audiences from his time on the X Factor, but it was Eurovision that first shot Slavko onto the wider European stage. Rarely has a Eurovision song been so obviously and explicit about (safe) gay sex, and combined with Slavko himself (I don’t think a written description does it justice) and you have a recipe for a memorable Eurovision entry!

Would you have ordered these differently? Or perhaps have chosen some of the even quirkier Montenegrin entries?

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