My top 5 songs from…Macedonia

Perhaps I should say “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” to give the country its formal full title, though in the contest itself, Eurovision shortens it to FYR Macedonia. They’ve competed 17 times so far, but are yet to crack the top 10 in a grand final. Nonetheless, they’ve had a few good songs, and expect to see them in this top 5!

5. Martin Vucic “Make My Day” (2005, 17th place, 52 points)

Uptempo ethnopop – always one of my favoured Eurovision genres. I wish Macedonia would use it more often as they seem to get better results when they do. Martin Vucic’s 2005 entry is a good example of the genre…

4. Jana Burceska “Dance Alone” (2017, 15th in semi-final, 69 points)

Ah the song that held such promise for Macedonia! A wonderful electropop song with high production values, and a really clever and classy music video. It just didn’t translate as well as it deserved to the live Eurovision stage – maybe it is just one of those songs that will always be better in its radio/club version than live. All that said, Jana gave it her all in the live performance, but it wasn’t rewarded with a good result.

3. Karolina Goceva “Mojot svet” (2007, 14th place, 73 points)

I think this might almost fall into ethnorock ballad rather than ethnopop – but there’s no doubting that this is ethno something, and Macedonia’s third best result in the contest to date.

2. Elena Risteska “Ninanajna” (2006, 12th place, 56 points)

Back to some more ethnopop and this, Macedonia’s best result to date, almost made it to the top of my top 5. I think a slightly more solid live vocal might have given it the top spot, as I really like the song and music.

1. Kaliopi “Crno i belo” (2012, 13th place, 71 points)

You could never doubt the quality of this lady’s live vocal – never less than impressive and powerful! Kaliopi is a modern Eurovision legend and favourite, having entertained us twice at the London Eurovision Preview Party. At the 2012 party, she joined the fans on the dancefloor after the all the acts had performed and I remember her dancing with me and my friends for a couple of songs! So it was great to see her qualify for the final with this – a powerful rock ballad – and finish a very respectable 13th, Macedonia’s second best result, and currently their only appearance in the final since 2007.

How would you have rated these? And any entries I’ve missed that you would have put in? Let me know in the comments below!

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