The mo(u)rning after the semi-final (2) before…

Ouch my head! Well, if you hadn’t guessed it from the image, I’m afraid one of our favourites didn’t get through last night. On the plus side, I did manage to get 9/10 in terms of correct predictions! 

So a quick reminder of the results:

Qualifiers: Austria, Romania, The Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel

Non-qualifiers: Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Ireland, San Marino, Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia

The only one I got wrong was that I didn’t expect or want the abomination that is Croatia to go through; even worse it meant that one of my favourites was knocked out – Estonia. Sadly the wider viewing public will never get to enjoy “Lost in Verona”. And yes, the image is of Verona if you hadn’t guessed!

The (mostly) Surbiton jury of 15 got 7/10 so not too bad. Here are the full results:

1. Bulgaria (367 points)
2. Israel (358 points)
3. Estonia (348 points)
4. Romania (325 points)
5. Hungary (318 points)
6. Norway (292 points)
7. San Marino (290 points)
8. Switzerland (289 points)
9. Denmark (281 points)
10. Austria (279 points)
11. The Netherlands (278 points)
12. Belarus (271 points)
13. FYR Macedonia (264 points)
14. Serbia (227 points)
15. Malta (202 points)
15. Ireland (202 points)
17. Lithuania (184 points)
18. Croatia (173 points)

On to the final now! Three horse/gorilla race between Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria it seems…


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