Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #2 BELGIUM – Blanche – “City Lights”

In the runner’s up spot, it’s a country that has really refound its Eurovision mojo in the last couple of years. One of Eurovision’s founding countries, Belgium has had a mini-renaissance recently, with several top 10 results, not all of them expected (I certainly wasn’t expecting them to do as well last year!) There are high expectations this year, can the 17-year-old Blanche meet them and bring Belgium another top result?

This has definitely been on the most hyped songs of this year’s contest from the moment it was released (Blanche was internally selected) and it’s definitely an extremely modern song. The music video matches the song, very modern and clever. Blanche’s unusually low register also makes this distinctive. I never quite bought into the hype as much though – I like it but it wasn’t a “wow” song for me in the way it seems to have been for others.

The preview parties and the rehearsals have seen Belgium plunge from being second favourite to outside top 10 in betting odds; Blanche has often looked almost terrified in the live performances though by the second rehearsals things seem to have improved again. I think in that second rehearsal, it also benefited from Blanche switching to a higher register in the last part of the song. It’s looking more like a qualifier again but could still be a bit touch and go. Blanche herself seems lovely so I do hope the confidence continues to build for her.

Mum’s reaction: “OK”

Official music video:

Live at Eurovision-Spain Pre-Party in Madrid:

Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest:Belgium Eurovision flag

First entered: 1956

Appearances (excluding this year): 58

Best result: Winner 1986

Last year’s result: 10th

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  1. Philip Badman says:

    Surprised this is so high up. Not a great song to start with, then add to the mix a singer that seems to have been forced onto the stage to sing a random song. Rabbit in the headlights springs to mind. Seen more personality in a piece of wood.

    1. Much better in jury show last night after lots of rabbit in headlight rehearsals – think it will qualify now

  2. Zoltan says:

    😲 awesome song. Well deserved spot on Matt’s countdown!
    Lets embrace all the songs this year which tries to forget last year’s disasterous winner! 😇

    1. Now Zoltan, you’ve just asked Phil to play nicely – you should do to! “Love Love Peace Peace” is our anthem not “Whinge Whinge Bitch Bitch”

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