Eurovision 2017 previews countdown: #5 FYR MACEDONIA – Jana Burceska – “Dance Alone”

Finally into the top echelons of the countdown and we begin the top 5 with the top Balkan country. If you’d said (before we knew the songs) that Macedonia would be the top Balkan country, I’d never have believed you. But Jana has taken Macedonia to new heights in this chart. Can she do the same in the actual contest?

This is a real fan favourite, and I have to say that along with the song that tops this chart, it’s been my joint favourite. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw this, that this was a song from Macedonia. They are reliable attendees at the contest but rarely do much, only reaching the final once in the last ten 10 years. So to see and hear a song as good as this from them was a real and pleasant surprise. It’s exactly the sort of song I love and the music video is expensive and interesting.

A big question does hang over this – this is very much a song that lends itself to the radio/club/music video rather than live and that has been borne out during various live performances at preview parties. I think the criticism has been perhaps overharsh as I think it’s because people so loved the studio/music video version but I think this now possibly a borderline qualifier. Rehearsals have gone OK but there are a lot of potential qualifiers in the second semi so it’s touch and go.

I’m keeping fingers crossed though that the quality of the song, and the bubbliness of Jana will see this through to the final. Even if it doesn’t, I can see this being played on Eurovision club nights in future…

Mum’s reaction: “This is a dancier one; I can see why you like it”

Official music video:

Live at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam:

FYR Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest:FYR Macedonia Eurovision flag

First entered: 1998

Appearances (excluding this year): 17

Best result: 12th in 2006

Last year’s result: 11th in semi-final (did not qualify)

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